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"...Robin Hill Farm provides a variety of activities throughout the day for their clients. Life and social skills continue to be an important part of their daily therapeutic routine. These include banking, shopping and laundry in the nearby community of Hillsborough...

...In addition to life and social skills mentioned earlier, there are a variety of recreational activities provided. These include exercise and gym time, swimming at Crotchet Mountain, Horse Power, snow tubing, trips to NH State Parks, poetry and ceramics. "

~excerpted from the Inspection of Robin Hill Farm by the Dept. of Veteran Affairs (VA)

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A Day in the Life

Robin Hill Farm offers an extended family environment combined with individual treatment programs, focused on improving the quality of life for people experiencing the effects of traumatic head injury. Our small programs are designed to provide structure and consistency in the daily live of the individuals, while stressing community access and community reentry at every level.

Residents, family members and interested parties, such as case managers and advocates, sit down with the staff and define a program that will address the needs of the individual. This plan becomes the basis of each resident's program through the year. Focusing on individual needs and preferences, all residents participate in some manner with the daily events in the home. Each resident completes their morning activities of daily living, receiving assistance and teaching from the staff.

A daily range of motion program and/or a daily exercise program also occurs on a daily basis.The schedule varies on a daily and seasonal basis.


Swimming in an indoor therapy pool is available on a weekly basis during the fall, winter and spring. During the summer we take advantage of the many lakes in the area!

Horseback Riding

A therapeutic riding program, Horse Power, in Temple NH, is available for residents in the fall and in the spring. Those who participate in this program have ten weeks of lessons and participate in a Horse Show at the end. This has been very successful and the limited slots are always filled. We make every attempt to get anyone interested in therapeutic riding involved.

Day Trips

Trips to the community of Hillsborough or Peterborough are a part of each residents program. During these trips each resident does their own laundry, banking and personal shopping. Staff assist as much as needed for each resident. Usually a stop at the local doughnut shop, or a lunch out, is included in this weekly trip.


Residents who are able, and willing, work on prevocational skills. Several residents work in the community receiving job coaching from the staff of Robin Hill Farm.

Recreation & Leisure

Recreational and leisure pursuits are very important and residents are encouraged to plan social activities and events off the farm.

Common events include:
• Concerts
• Sporting events
• Movies
• Bowling
• Deep sea fishing
• Comedy clubs
• Dining out
• Country fairs


The location of Robin Hill Farm allows people to go to Boston for an outing, or they may decide to take a trip to the White Mountains and enjoy the scenery.

Seasonal opportunities available include:
• Maple sugaring
• Gardening
• Hiking
• Fishing
• Skiing (handicapped skiing is available at nearby Mt. Sunapee)

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