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Summer Street Program —
Our newest in-town location

The Summer Street program is our newest and most innovative program to date. It is located in Peterborough New Hampshire, and is within walking distance to the town center. This program opened in the Fall of 2006, and proves 24-hour support or supervision in non-institutional, community-based environment.

There are three different living arrangements within the Summer Street program:

  • The main house has 3 barrier free bedrooms. Residents in this program should be able to transfer independently and exit the building with minimal verbal cueing. The level of support here is commensurate with the services provided in the Blue House.

  • The second floor features a spacious, 3 bedroom suite, designed to offer a higher level of independence, while maintaining the safety net of 24 hour support.

  • The rear portion of Summer Street features 4 apartments, two of which are barrier free. These apartments offer the maximum level of independence while again, providing that safety net of 24 hour on-site support. Each apartment has all of the life safety attributes as the other programs; sprinklers, fire alarm panel, emergency lighting and second means of egress.

The Summer St. Program provides:
  • A structured, low stimulus environment for 11 residents

  • Daily cognitive rehabilitation services which follow the rehab plan

  • As needed assistance with ADL's (activities of daily living), range of motion and community reentry skills

  • Skill building based upon a written rehabilitation plan with definable goals and objectives

  • A home like atmosphere coupled with modern life safety features such as fire alarms, emergency lighting and sprinkler systems

  • 24 hour support or supervision by Robin Hill Farm staff as needed

  • All typical room and board expenses

  • Typical program transportation

The Summer Street program licensed by the State of New Hampshire as a Residential Treatment and Rehabilitation facility. It is a community-based program, and residents are assisted by staff with banking, shopping, leisure activities, and off-site therapeutic recreation such as pool therapy and a therapeutic horseback riding program. We tend to do few large group activities, and prefer to focus on individualized access to the community.

All of our programs are designed to offer the resident maximum independence in the least restrictive environment. We also strive to promote choice and self-determination concepts, balanced with the mission of maintaining a rehabilitative environment.

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photo - Donovan Family

photo - Donovan Family

photo - Donovan Family

photo - Donovan Family


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