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"It was so wonderful seeing [Our Brother] in such good health and happy... the last time I saw him was when he was in the hospital and the Doctor said he would always be a vegetable. Sure would like to meet that Doctor again."

"All who know [Our Cousin] were astonished at the miraculous progress he has made at Robin Hill. He looks healthy. He is walking straight and upright. His tremors have subsided. His attention span is better and he is able to carry on more fluent conversations."


Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Offering five unique, non-institutional programs specifically created for persons recovering from an acquired injury.

Since 1983, our facility continues to create and refine programs that meet residents' needs on both a physical and cognitive level. The traumatic brain injury programs at Robin Hill Farm offer superior care and rehabilitative services to more than 25 adults with an acquired brain injury. We provide a safe environment in which clients can maintain their dignity and maximize their individual quality of life in a community-oriented, non-institutional setting.

Family owned and operated

Located in south-central New Hampshire, the Robin Hill Farm traumatic brain injury residential treatment facility is still owned and operated by its original founders, the Donovan family.

Working together with an outstanding staff, we continually incorporate new ideas and creative options that will further support our results-oriented, professional, and supportive rehab program. Our exceptional staff-to-resident ratio and the everyday efforts of staff and clients contribute to a high quality of life for each resident.

The five-level model at Robin Hill Farm offers a range of options that allows residents to move through the programs as their level of independence increases. Licensed by the State of New Hampshire (NH), the Supported Residential Program (SRP) features nursing supervision in a non-institutional, community-based environment that can accommodate up to four residents. Meredith House, located in Hillsborough, NH is also licensed by the state as a Supported Residential program. As with SRP, residents of Meredith House may have more intensive physical demands. Staff are well versed in providing the care needed for traumatic brain injury, while encouraging independence and re-teaching skills.

The Blue House, licensed as a Residential Treatment and Rehabilitation program, is barrier free and wheelchair accessible, and residents must be able to transfer independently and exit the building with minimal verbal cueing. The Blue House also has an "on-campus apartment," where clients work toward greater independence in specific areas, such as food preparation and safety skills. Excluding the apartment, the Blue House has a capacity for six people.

Working toward independence with traumatic brain injury.

The White House is the original home of Robin Hill's traumatic brain injury treatment program. Residents must be fully independent in their mobility (with or without assisting devices such as canes) and be able to manage a few stairs fully independently. The White House has a capacity for up to seven residents.

Post traumatic brain injury rehab takes the form of an apartment program in Peterborough, NH. Residents of the "Our Town" program receive 24-hour support and work in specific areas of need, including money management, safety skills in the apartment and the community, and meal preparation. Most residents work part time, with job coaching provided by Robin Hill staff, and many are preparing to return to full independence in the community. The building has five apartments, some with two bedrooms.

Educational, social, cognitive, and vocational components are integrated into each individual traumatic brain injury program at Robin Hill Farms. We encourage you to visit us and experience the combination of a results-oriented, supportive rehabilitation program and a superior quality of life.


photo - Robin Hill Farms

photo - Robin Hill Farms

photo - Robin Hill Farms


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