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Admission Requirements

Robin Hill Farm operates a group of Residential Treatment and Rehabilitation facilities developed exclusively for adults living with a brain injury. We maintain a low stimulus, community based environment where residents are expected to make gains and live the least restrictive lifestyle possible. Each resident has a written rehabilitation plan with definable goals and objectives.

Robin Hill Farm accepts clients based upon the following criteria:
  • Candidate must be diagnosed with a brain injury. This includes both TBI (traumatic brain injury), ABD (acquired brain disorder).

  • Person must be medically stable. That is, they must not need consistent Nursing support. We can and do support people who need G-tube feeding, or skin care, etc.

  • Person must not pose a consistent threat to self or others. Robin Hill is not a "Behavioral Facility". We do, however, recognize that frustration sometimes goes hand in hand with brain injury.

  • Need and benefit from 24 hour support or supervision. As an alternative to institutional living, our programs are best suited for those who require and would benefit from, 24 hour staffing.

In addition to the above criteria, we always conduct a personal evaluation, and review past history when considering someone for admission.

Robin Hill Farm can work closely with your established rehabilitation team; we make every effort to stay with your existing Neurologist, Neuropsychologist or other rehab professional. If you need to reestablish those services, we have a list of many fine professionals we have worked with over the years.


Robin Hill Farm is a residential treatment and rehabilitation facility, and typically accepts the following sources of funding:

  • New Hampshire Medicaid Waiver - For residents of New Hampshire only;
  • VA Funding - Fee basis;
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance;
  • Private or Structured Settlement funding

Please contact us for further details.

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photo - Robin Hill Farm

photo - Robin Hill Farm
photo - Robin Hill Farm


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